Thursday, October 23, 2008

What have you been reading ?


I read a book called 'The Tree House' by Gordon Winch and illustrated by Greg Gaul. I like this book because it was funny when they fell on the trampoline.


I read a story called 'The Land of Many Colours'. The story is about, blue people, green people and purple people. They had a war. All the houses got broken and all the toys got ruined. A little dusty kid came and told the people to stop. The people listened to him. They fixed the houses and grew some plants and fixed the toys. They stopped the war and then everyone was friends. I didn't like the story because it was too boring!


I read 'Grandma's Project' written Patrica Almada, illustrated by Becky Radtke. It was about a grandma who did some clay making for a secret birthday surprise. She was making clay people, clay birds and things to put on a cake for the Mama's birthday. I like the story because it was a pretty birthday cake.


We read a story called 'The Land of Many Colours' . The story was about blue people, green people, and purple people. They had food, animals, toys and houses of their favourite colour. They had a fight because they didn't share. I liked it because a little child came and helped them become friends.

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  1. Hi,
    it sounds like you all enjoy reading. Maybe you could share some of your stories with rooms 10 and 11 some time.