Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Magic, Paint, Puzzles and Rock Wallabies!

Hi Everyone,
Jeremy says:
Last Tuesday I went to the magic show in town. I liked the magician who clipped animals to his hat and spun around until he got dizzy. I ate lots of lollies at the magic show.
Taylah says:
Hi. Callum and I went to town to buy paint. But, the shop was closed.
Tim says:
Hi. I saw baby snails at my place on the weekend. I had my birthday. I am nine. I got some toys. The best toy is a dinosaur puzzle.
Eleanor says:
I have been to the 2008 School Holiday Program. The first week I took Bubbles, my toy cat. The second week I took Actus the yellow foot rock wallaby. I went with Madison, my sister.

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