Thursday, October 23, 2008

If I was a snail

If I was a snail I would like to eat cabbage. I would let the slug eat leaves and radishes. I would go for a walk to the trees to see the birds. I would hide in my shell because the birds would reckon I am meat! If the birds did eat me they would say 'Yuk' because I would taste like cabbage and I would be slimy. If I was a snail I would have a rest in a leaf. If I saw a Snail Zombie I would say 'go away' because I don't want garden snails to turn into snail Zombies because they are scary. I would come out when it is raining because I like it and I will come back in when the sun comes back out. I would like to come out at night too.


  1. Hi Eleanor, I like your story about snails. If i was a snail I would paint myself green and hide in the long grass so that the birds would not find me.

  2. Hi,
    your snail likes the rain, what about you? Do you like the rain or the sun shine?