Monday, October 13, 2008

So what did you get up to this weekend?

Hi Everyone,
Marg sent me a text today to let me know what the children did over the weekend. This is what the children wrote this morning.
On Saturday I went to John and Jo's house for a barbeque.They have got two dogs named Abby and Lucky. We then went to the airport because Daddy was flying to the Solomon Islands. On Sunday I went to the park with Mummy and my sister.
On Saturday I spent time in my room playing with my toys. My favourite toy is a dinosaur puzzle. On Sunday my Dad bought me and my brothers new watches that had jelly beans and cookies in them.
On Saturday I went to Target with my family. We bought lightening McQueen game. We had to connect it to the TV so that we could play it.
On Sunday I watched Bathurst car racing with my Dad. Jamie and Craig were the winners of the race.They drove a Vodophone Ford Falcon.
On Saturday I went to Gran's farm and I slept there. I watered the plants for Gran and I played with VJ the dog. On Sunday morning I went to Church. I listened to a story and sang some songs.
I went to the Children's Fairand I climbed inside a blown up whale and did some exercises. I saw a fire truck and a police car and was given a balloon. I learnt that if you are caught in a fire you STOP,DROP and ROLL.

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  1. Hi Room 13
    It was very interesting to read what you all did at the weekend - it soundes as if you all did something interesting.
    I would like to congratulate Tim on his great manners when he came up to room 3. Room 2 ( the library ) was locked so he knocked on Room 3's door and politely asked if I could return the books for him. Well done Tim!