Monday, October 20, 2008

What did you do over the weekend?

Hi Everyone,
I asked the children about what they did over the weekend and this is what they said:
Hi, I went to the movies and it was fun. I watched 'Wall-E'. It was about a little box that sweeps up stuff and scrunches them into a box. I had my face painted like Spider Man.
I went to the circus. I saw monkeys walking and sitting on people's shoulders. I saw lions and the man told themto 'stay' and then they hopped up. I went with Meaghan and Tim , Eleanor, Ben and Lauren.


On Friday I went to the respite house. I had fun. For two nights I got sad because I missed my mummy. On Saturday I went to the circus. On Sunday afternoon I went home.

Sue Says

Eleanor, when I was little I used to miss my mum and dad when I had a sleep over. But just like you, I didn't let home sickness stop me from having a good time. I know that you had a fantastic time at respite!


On the weekend I went to Target and I got a truck and a car and a digger and T-shirt. My little cousin Mia got shoes and then I went to my Nan's house. Then I played with my truck and I went home on Sunday morning. I went to the pool in the afternoon for swimming.


I went to the Interchange outing. I was reading my dinosaur books. I had an icy-pole. It was chocolate flavour.

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