Friday, February 27, 2009

Taylah's Birthday Disappeared!

We celebrated Taylah's birthday at school today because her birthday has disappeared! We were really worried because it was there last year. We had a cake and sang happy birthday but this year it has disappeared right off the calendar! Taylah was born on the 29th of February 2000. It was a leap year. The 29th of February is only on the calendar every four years. If she only celebrated her birthday on the 29th every year it would mean that she is only 2 and won't turn 3 until 2012!
We celebrate Taylah's birthday every year in the last week of February. She can pick which ever day she wants. Now that's special.
Happy 9th Birthday Taylah!


  1. Happy Birthday Taylah! I had a second grade student born on February 29th in my class last year. What a special day to have a birthday.

  2. Taylah,
    I love your name! You have great name and a great birthday! My little sister was born near midnight on the 28th of Feb. on a leap year. It was close! I think she always wished she had that very special birthday, too.

  3. Hi Junior Crew. Thanks for visiting our blog. We really like yours. I hope that you don't mind but we put your puppy into our blog as well.How on earth did that puppy get into our screen?
    Please keep visiting us and we'll keep visiting you.
    We'll have to listen to your drumming one day.
    Bye! from Mrs McDonald (Ann) and 3/4 WM