Sunday, February 22, 2009

Science Groups

Hi everybody,
We have science groups on Tuesday afternoons. We have 3 different activities to do. This week some kids learnt about magnets. They watched a 'Curious George' video and then used the information to find lots of hidden magnets in the classroom, like the one in the fridge door! They tested for magnets using paper clips. They also had a great time playing around with washers and magnet wands.
Another group did some more experiments about floating and sinking. It was to see that the shape of an object helped it to float, not just how heavy it was or what it was made of. A lump of plasticine sinks but if you shape into into a boat it floats. Cody and Sam are pumping the water from our water experiments into our garden bed, using a hand pump that Gail's class made!
The last group went into the garden to plant some seeds. We are going to take care of them and watch them grow. We found a good place to plant them that had just the right amount of shade. What kind of seeds did we plant? We will tell you next week!

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