Saturday, February 14, 2009

Check Out Our Maths Blog!

Hi Everyone,

This Shark Numbers to 60 game is great fun. You will find it in our maths blog if you click on the picture. We love playing games like this on our Smart Board. This a game that we can all play together because it has different levels !


  1. I love the number shark game, but the button beats is quickly becoming the curse of our blog! We really like your blog and came to write comments yesterday, but I think the blog wasn't working properly - we could write the comments but not submit them. Sorry you don't have 30 comments from my kids!

    I really appreciate your comments on our blog - it is beginning to be a great space for our kids as well as for other people to see what we are doing.

    We will come back and try again!

    Jack Sloan
    Chorlton Park Primary School, Manchester UK

  2. Hi Chorlton Park Primary,
    Thanks for your comment. We have been having lots of problems since the fires. I tried to send a message to Mr Webb in New Zealand today and had a dreadful time getting through. I am not sure what is happening but I am glad that you managed to get through this time. I have uploaded the comments your wonderful kids sent us via the main blog page. Please thank them for their support.

  3. Thanks for the great math game! We can't wait to try it on our SMARTboard!