Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look - The next stage is stalks and leaves.

Hi Everyone,
Look at our mustard seeds now. They have leaves and stalks. They have grown so much in one week! The leaves are purple when they first start to grow and then they turn green as they get bigger. One cup has mustard sprouts with very long stalks, the other cup has very short stalks.
Our mustard sprouts really smell. If you put your nose into the cup and smell them it makes you want to gag. So we don't do that- very often!
Sue says she thinks it's time for us to take the sprouts home!
Marg says there's no way she is going to eat any!
Chrissie is very excited that they are growing so well.
Lorraine is trying to think of ways to solve the bad smell problem

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  1. I am curious! What is that milky white mixture that the seeds are sprouting in? I can almost smell it from here! (phew!) We sprout seeds in damp paper towels placed in zipper plastic bags, or in soil. I really don't know what that white stuff is...