Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Science Experiment Disaster- We Are Not Fond Of Rabbits!

Where have our sun flowers gone?
One of our school rabbits escaped from the animal pen and ate all of our beautiful sunflower shoots!
Don't be fooled by the cute face and the floppy ears. This rabbit is deadly!
The rabbit chewed the lovely juicy green leaves right off the top and only left a little bit of the stalk above the ground. When Chrissie dug one up we were able to have a good look at the roots and see where the shoot started to grow out of the seed.
We planted some more seeds today.

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  1. We have lots of squirrels in our yard. When my sunflowers grew and the flowers bloomed, the squirrels would find a way to chew off the flower so they could eat the seeds! I would look out the window and see just a stem standing there. I was not fond of squirrels that summer!

    Good luck with your next group of seeds. I hope you can keep them safe from the rabbits.