Monday, July 27, 2009

House for Sale

Click on the picture to read the story.


  1. Hi Sue and the Junior Crew
    Love this site. How did you get it embedded on your blog? You are amazing and your kids are so lucky to have you as their teacher. Thanks for your comment a while back. I responded back to you under your comment but meant to email too. Our holiday is half over. I have been learning lots on the computer. Are you on twitter?
    Mary Ellen

  2. Hi Mary Ellen,
    The only thing I know about Twitter is that birds do it sometimes :)
    In Blogger you can attach a URL to a picture so that it links to a web site/ particular activity when you click on it( just like a regular hyperlink). It took me ages to learn how to do it with some international assistance from Myles at Room 8 Melville Intermediate. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.