Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Apple Pies

Cut out the pastry with the pastry cutter.
The large circles with the slits are for the base

Place the pastry in the pie maker and add 2 teaspoons of baker's apple.

Place the small circles of pastry on top of each pie for the lid.

Place the lid down but check every few minutes to see if the pastry in golden brown.
Take the cooked pies out of the pie maker with a non scratch lifter.
Wait for them to cool and enjoy eating them.

Today we made apple pie it was sort of yum. It was fun as well. Daniel helped me as well and Braydon was so nice . Everybody was awesome because they were all nice to each other. I reckon that everybody in my class is the best class in the world. I felt happy about it.
Today we made apple pies. Rick and Braydon were helping me. I tried to test the apple stuff and I liked it. We were cooking in the classroom.
Today we made apple pies. Eleanor made the best one. She had the most cinnamon sugar in hers. It was so yummy.

Today we made apple pies. First you roll the pastry. Then you get the cutter and you cut two pieces, the top and the bottom. We heat the apple pies for 2 minutes. When the pies are ready you eat them!

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