Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Mystery Bug !

Click on the picture to find out what this grub grows into.

I found this grub on a tree first then it walked on the path. I have seen one of these before. This was my second time.
I picked it up because it looked nice and because I wanted to show my friends. I put it in some bark. I used a leaf to get it on and then I had to use a stick to keep it on. Then I covered it with another bit of bark and walked to school.
When I patted it, it was soft. I thought it was a female but it might be a male. It was small and cute and it had a little black head. It looks like a witchetty grub.
It looks like a spit fire.It was about to spit. Tim scared it. He got a rubber spider and he was trying to get it to spit. The spit looks like skin colour it is ooey and gooey and disgusting. It poisons its enemies. It hides in bark because it is camouflaged.
It looks so small it's about 3.5cm long. Tim asked Jamie about what it turns into but Jamie doesn't know.

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